Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New baby "arrived" ... wanted or not?


Rachel Zoe, a women who helped many famous people to look fabulous.
As a stylist she knows the Fashion business very well and she also has a huge influence on other people. She met her husband and married him in 1996.
Everything was perfect - more perfect with a baby. She always wished having a little girl, who she can dress, but destiny has upset her plans...

First time she got pregnant and she found out that she's expecting a boy, she "cried more than one week". Her little son Skyler is dressed like a girl very often and so she obviously hoped when she found out about her second pregnancy, that it would be a girl. Think again!

Skyler Morrison Berman - looks like a girl 

In her TV show "The Rachel Zoe project" she ones said, that she always wanted a girl. But that will evidently will be her dream until her next pregnancy...

Finally on Sunday, 22th of December she gave birth to the little Kaius Jagger Berman. A brother for Skyler, who is really happy about that. Just like his parents. Even when Rachel had wished to have a girl, not a boy. But that's not important right now - everybody's just happy and enjoys the moment.

One day after birth - Rodger Berman, Kaius Jagger Berman and Rachel Zoe herself.

Maybe Rachel will dress Kaius just like a girl as well, maybe not. We won't know now, we will see it soon, though.

What do you think about that? Would you also cry, because you won't expect the "right" sex?

I hope my first new post was a bit interesting for you and you will give me feedback for it!

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